Mindfulness and The Art of Pulling Your Head out of your Ass

Listening to your breath is an excellent tool, but not at the expense of listening to the words of others. 


Radical Hope

"Gratitude pours forth continually as if the unexpected had just happened. The gratitude of a convalescent, for convalescence was unexpected. The rejoicing of strength that is returning, of a reawakened faith in a tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, of a sudden sense and anticipation of a future, of impending adventures, of seas that are … Continue reading Radical Hope

Slow Medicine – A Mindful Approach to Getting Well

“I do not claim to have attained optimum emotional well-being. Actually, I think that may be a lifetime goal. For me it’s an ongoing process that requires awareness, knowledge, and practice. I do know what good emotional health feels like, and that motivates me to keep at the practice.” ― Andrew Weil, Spontaneous Healing Seeking Out Although … Continue reading Slow Medicine – A Mindful Approach to Getting Well