Who do you belong to?

“And so when I started to look at belonging, what I realized is that it is a spiritual practice, and it’s the spiritual practice of believing in ourselves and belonging to ourselves so fully that we find what’s sacred in not only being a part of something, like our DNA calls us to be, but also, we find sacred the need, on occasion, to stand … Continue reading Who do you belong to?

Brave Enough

I’ve noticed that the times I am often most afraid are when I am letting go of something that doesn’t serve me. Lately, it is my thoughts, my ways of thinking about myself and others that have been the most difficult to let go of. Why is this a thing? Continue reading Brave Enough


Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better. –Steve Maraboli You want something that doesn’t want you. You hold tightly to it to ensure it doesn’t get away, but instead you find yourself falling behind and frustrated, empty handed and sometimes broken hearted. As opportunities, jobs, and love escape us, in the process of … Continue reading Redirection