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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”  –Mary Oliver



I’m a yoga teacher, dancer, writer and musician located in Austin, TX. I’ve worked in human resources, sales, and marketing, skills that I weave into my pieced together, variety pack work schedule. I reconnected with my creativity after a trip to South and Central America where I taught yoga and experienced the power of community. I have since been recovering from reverse culture shock and health issues, learning how to live this American life while taking life at a more mindful pace.

Teaching is a passion, whether it’s tutoring English or educating students about breath and movement. I love spending time in the sun whenever possible. I’m interested in integrating all of the wonderful life lessons I’ve learned into a life worth living and I’m always up for an adventure. In fact, I’m planning my next one right now.

You’re in luck, I’m for hire!

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