Be Still Until the Answer

Water knows. It dances in the moonlight, breathing in and out under the night sky. It sparkles like fairie dust when the sun shines its face, clearing the path for eyes to see life waving and weaving underneath the light.

I want to be like water. When the wind rolls through, I will rise and fall. Contained in skin and bone, a vessel to withstand the storm. I wrestle with every drop making footprints on my face.

And when I don’t resist, I become.

Pressured by the wind into pieces scattered through the trees, I fall and slide down roads of strength until I melt into the cracks. Veins of green hold me while I tightly contain and rearrange until once again I am earth and sky.

Although the clouds bring their gloom and grey, I meet them like a mysterious lover who is gone before the dawn. Wrapped together for a moment, we hold the space for darkness and light flowing recklessly over rocks, through the crevices of empty hands and hearts.

I fill the space between. I pour out from eyes clenching and open like a window to a dream. I am lighter in the arms that let me go.

I am always looking for connection as I travel, but I’m willing to change direction with the rain. When I find myself in puddles, I hope someone jumps so that I’ll fly into a new adventure instead of floating down the drain.

Eventually, I’ll find myself with familiar friends, safe inside the walls of gravity and earth, still enough to stay. My eyes reflect mountains of blue and green, painting pictures on my face. Opened to the wind, willing to be a mirror to the grey.

Maybe I need to be more like a riverbed.






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