I’ve been doing too many things. I’m learning that I want to be the perfect chameleon for everyone I meet, or at least I use to want that. Now I’m a little bit of everything, but not a lot of anything. My skill-set is a broad mix of sales, human resources, marketing and event planning. Not too shabby. If only I was really good at one of those.

I’ve been reading a book by Jonathan Fields called, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt into Fuel for Brilliance. In all of my dabbling, I’ve figured out that running my own business might be the perfect use for my skills and experience. Plus I have a million business ideas. If only I could get started.

“You may have experienced the power of being called to create, either as the visionary or the one captivated by someone else’s vision. It may well have been more compelling than any well-constructed argument for action. But in the end, such a calling is often based on a blend of unyielding faith and deep conviction that ‘this must be done.’ Nothing more, nothing less. And on the backs of the hard-to-defend faith and conviction lie some of the greatest creations and careers the world has ever seen.” –Fields

Is it fear that keeps us plugging away at our desks? Or is it lack of commitment? Maybe it’s just easier to stay put. Without initiating, investing and pouring ourselves into our visions and callings, we can live a pretty calm, stable, happy life. What’s been holding me back is that I have been so distracted and not willing to sacrifice my social life in order to start one of these projects I’ve been mulling over. I’m still stuck there. Fear keeps our butts in our seats, always willing to ride the roller coaster, but never willing to build our own.

So this is where it starts. I need to either change careers and move into a more interesting industry where I can focus on building relationships, writing and growing a business, or I can use those skills to do my own thing. Perhaps I can do both. I ordered some supplies to continue experimenting with a new skin care line, and I’ve been networking and updating my linked in, joining groups, etc. So I guess I’m doing something. I prefer moving quickly, but a slow start is better than no start at all.

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