The Presence Practice

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” –Lao Tzu My new friend Nicole and I walked along the path towards the mountains along Coyote Ridge Trail, watching the prairie dogs scurry across the dusty ground searching for munchies. Silent and focused, they wrinkled their noses, chomped down their meals and rushed back into their underground homes. We talked along the way to the top, … Continue reading The Presence Practice

In the meantime – Finding Peace, Stillness and Gratitude

Nature helps me be present. When I pause to take in my surroundings, listening attentively and observing each flower, describing the details of its unique shape and smell, I am living in the now. It’s much more relaxing than living in the future or the past. Continue reading In the meantime – Finding Peace, Stillness and Gratitude

Who do you belong to?

“And so when I started to look at belonging, what I realized is that it is a spiritual practice, and it’s the spiritual practice of believing in ourselves and belonging to ourselves so fully that we find what’s sacred in not only being a part of something, like our DNA calls us to be, but also, we find sacred the need, on occasion, to stand … Continue reading Who do you belong to?

Listen to your Doctor. Follow Your Gut.

She tapped on my belly and quickly declared, “Leaky gut.” When she looked at my tongue, she said, “Candida. I could smell it when you walked into my office.” This new doctor was known to be an expert at solving the most difficult health problems. When I came in with a hormonal imbalance, anxiety, insomnia and stomach pain, we started with addressing the gut. “Sugar … Continue reading Listen to your Doctor. Follow Your Gut.